STEP Students Showcase Skills at Open Day with Google Malaysia
03 July 2023

Over the past five months, the 50 students from the Skills Training and Employability Program (STEP) have embarked on a remarkable journey of personal growth and development. Under the guidance of dedicated skills trainers, these students have not only honed their abilities but also surpassed expectations. Recently, they organized an Open Day, where they proudly showcased their products and services, while putting their skills to the test through engaging workshops.

STEP students showcase skills with Google staff 

The Open Day served as a platform for the STEP students to exhibit their accomplishments and creativity. To make it more impactful, a group of 30 staff members from Google Malaysia actively participated in the workshops conducted by students.

Visitors participated in composting, baking, sewing, woodwork, and even haircutting and massage services. It was heartening to witness the enthusiasm and passion with which the students shared their skills. Each display reflected their dedication and the growth they had achieved during their time in the program.

A STEP student guides a Google staff member to drill and create a beautiful wooden bookmark.

STEP students confidently conducts a workshop, sharing their expertise in baking as they guide the participants in creating mouthwatering cupcakes.

Visitors learning the art of sewing and creating beautiful batik pouches, showcasing the intricacies of the craft. 

Students conducting haircutting workshop, demonstrating precision and creativity. 

Visitors from Google not only added a special touch to the event but also provided valuable interaction for the students. Engaging with professionals from a renowned organization like Google was an extraordinary opportunity for the students to gain insights and receive feedback on their work. The day was filled with enthusiastic discussions and shared learning, benefitting both the students and the Google staff members.

STEP students proudly display their vibrant collection of plants, offering a green oasis as they engage inselling and fostering a love for nature.

The students set up booths showcasing their diverse range of products. From elegant wooden trays and intricate keychains to delectable cupcakes, buns, and handmade pouches, visitors were spoiled for choice. 

The passion and dedication poured into each product were palpable, as the students confidently interacted with customers, making sales and sharing the stories behind their creations. It was truly a remarkable showcase of talent and entrepreneurship.

Students showcasing their delicious baked goods, including cupcakes and buns, as they engage in selling and entrepreneurship.

Students proudly present their meticulously crafted wooden products, including phone holders and intricately designed keychains. 

STEP Program empowers students with practical skills

The STEP program goes beyond theory and knowledge, empowering students to apply their skills in real-life scenarios while also fostering character development for societal impact. From serving customers, pitching and selling products/services, and understanding financial aspects to fostering teamwork and developing comprehensive business plans, the program equips students with practical skills while instilling resilience, empathy, and social responsibility. By experiencing these real-world situations and embracing positive values, students gain the confidence and integrity to make a lasting impact on society in their respective fields.

"At Dignity for Children, we believe in connecting the hand, heart, and mind through our education program. By empowering students with practical skills, nurturing their compassion and empathy, and fostering critical thinking and intellectual growth, we aim to create well-rounded individuals who can make a positive difference in the world."

If you're interested in exploring potential CSR collaborations, we invite you to reach out to Together, we can create meaningful opportunities and empower more individuals to break free from the cycle of poverty.
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