Secondary Education
A place where every child is given an equal opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.
Be the best version of yourself you can be.
Our Secondary Education focuses on encouraging young adults to be the best version of themselves and give back to the community. We believe that education must be holistic and not limited to only academic achievement. 

We support our students to not only pursue academic excellence but to develop good social behaviour, and strong character and prepare them for success in their future careers. This is done through a mixture of delivered class lessons, self-managed learning, community service and skills training.

In the classroom

Our Secondary Education centres around the IGCSE syllabus and prepares students to sit for the O'level examinations.

Our warm and friendly environment improves their wellbeing and support system. We understand that a safe and comfortable learning environment is vital to their success.
Beyond the classroom
In addition to our IGCSE curriculum, there is a variety of wider learning opportunities available to our secondary students.

From Volunteerism and Leadership Program to vocational training, Travel and Learn, and the annual Faisal Cup Tournament, every opportunity is taken to develop confidence and pursue passion and nurture talents.

Our education pathways

  • IGCSE Track
  • Employability Track
  • IGCSE Track

    Lower Secondary (Ages 13 - 14)

    Develop confidence and communication skills
    Students develop confidence and communication skills to articulate their thoughts effectively. This is a stage where youth are mentored by teachers as they transition into adolescence.

    Middle Secondary (Ages 14 – 15)

    Equipped for higher curriculum
    Emphasis is placed upon academic development at this stage so that students will be equipped to take on the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum in Upper Secondary.

    Upper Secondary (Ages 16 - 18)

    Academics and skills training
    This stage brings together academics and skills training to prepare youth for a future of stable employment. Skills classes are conducted in our transformational enterprises. 
    Travel and Learn Camp
    Students also develop independence through our Travel and Learn Camp where they live independently and learn life skills at Dignity's Farm Academy for a month.
  • Employability Track

    Intermediate Post-Elementary Track (IPET) Ages 13 – 15

    English & Mathematics competency
    Support & strengthen the English & Mathematics competency.
    Vocational and employability skills
    Equip students with vocational and employability skills.
    Employability pathway
    Prepares students to the employability pathway.

    Dignity’s College (Ages 16 - 18)

    English Language Learner (ELL)

    Provide students with support to strengthen their English competency.

    Applied Secondary Employability Track (ASET)

    Equipping students with vocational and employability skills needed for their internship and full-time employment.

    Internship & Employability

    Students are sent out to get real-world working experiences
    Providing support and guidance to ensure students are equipped and ready for full-time employment

Our curriculums


Lower & Middle Secondary
English | Math | Science | Information Communication Technology | Social-emotional Learning | Sports | Bahasa Malaysia | Arts (FD 1 & FD 2) | Global Perspective (FD 3)

Upper Secondary 
• School of Science and Art (SSA)
English | Math | Social-emotional Learning | Sports | 1 day of skills training class | Elective Subjects: Biology | Chemistry | Physics | Accounts | Information Communications Technology | Additional Math | Bahasa Malaysia

• School of Business (SB)
English | Math | Social-emotional Learning | Sports | 2 days of skills training class | Elective Subjects: Accounts | Business | Combined Science | Information Communications Technology | Bahasa Malaysia
Employability Track

Intermediate Post-Elementary Track (IPET)
English | Math | Life skills | Science | Information Communications Technology | Social-emotional Learning | Sports | Arts

Dignity College (Employability Track)
• English Language Learners (ELL)
English | Math | Information communications technology | Social-emotional Learning | 2 days of skills training

• Applied Secondary Employability Training (ASET)
Business English | Business Math | Entrepreneurship | Global Perspective | Social-emotional Learning | Sports | 3 days of skills training + 1 year internship

Skills Training classes (Available for IGCSE Track as well)
Hairdressing | Baking | Sewing | Urban Gardening | Woodwork | Early Childhood Education (ECE) | Graphic Design | Admin | Automechanics | Electrical Wiring | Food and Health Science | Coding | Photography | Hospitality | Computer Skills | Retails | Jewellery Making

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About Dignity

Our work began in 1998 in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur with only 20 students then. Dignity is now a learning centre with more than 2,300 children ranging from 2-19 years old.
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