Breaking the Chains of Poverty: Join Our Mission to Empower Underprivileged Children and Make a Difference!
Get ready to be part of something truly impactful! Join us in breaking the cycle of poverty and transforming the lives of underprivileged children.

Together, we can empower communities and create sustainable change through quality education, holistic care, and vocational training programs. With your support, we can create long-term solutions to tackle poverty and inequality, and build a brighter future for everyone.

Join us today and be a part of the solution. Your contribution can make a real difference and help us create a better world for all. Let's spread hope and opportunity to those who need it most!
Consider supporting a classroom to provide students with continuous education, nutritious meals, basic health and hygiene and quality holistic care. Your contribution can make a world of difference to a child in need.

Sponsorship: Full class sponsorship / year for 30 students
  • RM 5,000 a month (pledge for 1 year) OR
  • one-time donation of RM 60,000
Empower-A-Child program provides essential support, including mental health services, social welfare, transportation and meals. By supporting this program, you can help break the cycle of poverty and provide deserving children with a nurturing and world-class educational environment.

Full sponsorship:
  • RM 500 per month (pledge for 1 year) OR
  • One year pledge is RM 6,000

Partial sponsorship:
  • A minimum of RM50 per month to sponsor one child
  • Contribution will be pooled together with other sponsors
Help us bless 450 students and their families with some food essentials for buka puasa and Raya celebrations! Each package includes: Fresh Roast Chicken Meal for 5 pax, Cooking Oil (2kg), Rice (10kg), BOH Tea (500g)

Your contribution of RM125 can make a family feel warm and loved.
1,000 of the 2,200 students enrolled with us this year require immediate transportation support. These students struggle to travel to school due to their families' inability to afford private transportation.

Your contribution of RM120 will go towards bus transport and can make a significant difference in their education and future.
Marginalized and vulnerable children at Dignity for Children are facing mental health challenges that put them at risk of abuse and neglect.

Your support can make a difference by funding psychological assessments and counseling sessions for 60 students in need. By providing these essential services, we can help these children overcome their challenges and build a brighter future.
For many children, a meal at school may be their only source of sustenance, and we want to ensure that no child goes hungry. 

With your support, we can help break down this barrier to education and create a brighter future for these children.
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Join Hands for a Better Future

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About Dignity

Dignity for Children Foundation is a non-governmental organization that provides holistic care and education for children and youths in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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