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"Everyone is created equal...but not all of us born equal..."
"If your parents are educated... have some savings... can travel during holidays... and are all happy together...

You are already doing better than a lot of people... especially children like me.

My name is Mei Mei. My mom never went to school. I hardly see my dad around. When he is home, he would quarrel with my mom.

I'm very confused. What will become of me when I grow up?"
No child wants to be born poor.

It is not their choice and definitely not their fault. 

If they are left alone without any intervention, chances of them breaking out of poverty will be very slim. 

They will continue to be poor.

What does poverty look like?
My family has 8 children. I had to stop school and go to work, to earn some money for the family.
I am 14 years old. My father asked me to marry when I was 12, so I stopped school and I am now a mother.
My mother has been sick for 3 months. I stopped school to take care of her as we don't have other help.
There are so many poor children in Malaysia just like Mei Mei, but we all can do something about it.

We can help them get back to school, or give them the opportunity to go to school.

Together, we can join hands to help these children break the cycle of poverty, and we can rewrite their amazing destiny.

Today, Mei Mei is in school thanks to a sponsor through Empower-A-Child programme!

About the Programme
Full sponsorship
Sponsorship amount for 1 child is RM500 per month (1 year pledge is RM6,000).

What you will receive: 
  • A brief profile of the child
  • 2 academic progress reports in each year
  • Visitation and activities with your sponsored child
Partial sponsorship
Sponsorship amount for 1 child is a minimum of RM50 per month.

  • Your contribution will be pooled together with other sponsors.
  • Child profile and academic progress reports will be sent to full sponsors only.
Frequently asked questions 
  • Why Empower-A-Child at Dignity for Children Foundation?

    As a direct service provider rather than a fundraising agency, we know each child entrusted to us and are unequivocally committed to his/her success in breaking out from the cycle of poverty. Our experience with hundreds of children since 1999 assures us of the success of our programmes. Their continuity depends however, on the regular support and generosity of donors who share our vision of transforming underprivileged children through quality education, to becoming valuable members of their community.

  • What does ‘Empower-a-Child’ provide?

    Your support enables a child to receive the continuous education, nutritious meals, basic health and hygiene and quality holistic care which he/she needs to develop academically and socially to break out from the cycle of poverty.

  • Are Empower-a-Child donations tax-deductible?

    Yes, monetary donations through Empower-A-Child programme are tax deductible under Malaysian law. The tax-deductible receipt will be issued in the name(s) of the donor(s) stated in the Empower-a-Child form submitted to us. Please allow at least 3 weeks for your donation to be processed.

  • How is my donation spent?

    100% of your monthly donation will be applied directly to benefit a child. Although we pair a donor to a child, your contribution will be pooled with other contributions to fund the holistic care and quality education provided to the children at our learning centre.

    1. Continuous Education
    We provide early childhood, primary and secondary education as well as special assistance to help our children to cope with learning difficulties. Books, stationery and uniforms and daily transportation are freely given.

    2. Nutritious Meals
    We provide daily lunch and snacks to all our children to ensure that they receive adequate nutrition for growth and study as low-income families often struggle to feed their large families.

    3. Health, Hygiene & Medical Care
    Our children have basic good health and hygiene due to their periodic physical check-ups and hygiene lessons. Healthy self-esteem and personal development are taught at seminars and counselling is given to those in need of psychological care.

    4. Student Leadership & Character Development
    In taking up active roles in our daily operations, and participating in decision making processes, selected students develop leadership skills and good character and become good role models.

    5. Education Experience Beyond Classrooms
    Through field trips and other learning beyond classrooms, our children learn to connect with their environment and community as their creativity and imagination are nurtured.

    6. Sports and Physical Development
    In addition to physical development, our children learn about sportsmanship, fair play, respect for others, discipline and adherence to rules.

    7. Vocational Development
    As they discover new careers and set goals for their own lives, our children find direction and focus for their day-to-day living.

    8. Community Support
    Support including family counselling is given to a child’s family dealing with an emergency whether death, accident, illness, critical housing problems or hunger.

  • Can I choose my child?

    As many children may already be dealing with feelings of rejection, our practices must be patently non-preferential and non-discriminatory. So that opportunities are provided equally to all the children, we will pair a donor with a child according to our allocation system where each child is valued as much as another. Our welfare team assess the needs and will prioritise accordingly.

  • Am I allowed to visit my sponsored child?

    As change takes time, a donor who has provided full support for a minimum of 6 months and is committed to full support for a child for a year may visit the child with whom the donor is paired. Dignity also conducts 'Meet-Your-Sponsored-Child events where donors can participate and engage in activities with their sponsored children.

  • Can I write to my child?

    You may fax / email / post your letter to your child to +603 4044 1395 / dignity@dignityforchildren.org / P O Box 196, Gombak, 53700 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Please write in English or Bahasa Malaysia. As your child may need time to respond to probably his / her very first letter, please allow 1 month for a reply.

    So as to avoid unwelcome direct appeals to you, please use only your name and the EAC donor number allocated to you in your correspondence with your child. Please do not give your contact details as no direct correspondence with the child or his / her family is allowed. You may write about yourself, your family, your pets, hobbies, sport and your work and ask your child about his/her life and family and share appropriate photos of yourself, your family or pets. Our Empower-a-Child Coordinator will be involved in your communications to assist the child and to ensure that all communications accord with our child protection policies.

  • Can I contact my child via email, facebook or other social media?

    As social messaging sites are not a safe forum for communications for children and we are unable to monitor direct online communications, this or any form of direct contact with any of our children (or their family members) is not allowed. Social networking sites can also expose our donors to criminal or unlawful activities by people acting under an alias.

    We will view any unauthorised contact with a child or his / her family very seriously and no responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from such contact will be assumed by Dignity for Children Foundation or any of its officers or personnel.

Have an idea?

We are big believers in collaboration and would love to connect with you and hear you out!

About Dignity

Dignity for Children Foundation is a non-governmental organization that provides holistic care and education for children and youths in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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