A Student to Staff: Story of Trials, Adversities, Empowerment and Triumph.
12 April 2023

At Dignity, we are privileged to witness incredible stories of resilience and triumph among our students. One such story is that of Lian Nu, who joined Dignity at the tender age of 11.

Lian Nu's early years were fraught with difficulties. She faced financial constraints and lacked access to education. Fortunately, her relatives informed her parents about Dignity for Children Foundation. Lian Nu's parents enrolled her in the program, offering her a chance for a brighter future.

Lian Nu joined Dignity College's Employability Program, setting her on a transformative path. 

"2021 was an unforgettable year for me. We started the year with the live-in program alongside teachers and students at Sentul," Lian Nu shared.

The initial month was spent there before transitioning to Dignity Farm Academy in Bentong, with six teachers and ninety students. For three months, Lian Nu and her fellow students learned valuable skills in cooking, farming, agriculture, and sustainable living practices.

Lian Nu excitedly recounted, "I gained leadership skills and learned how to solve problems and conflicts as part of a team."

However, due to restricted movement orders, they had to abruptly move to Sentul for another two months, adapting to a new environment and facing unexpected changes.

During this time, Lian Nu also faced a personal tragedy when she lost her father to Covid-19. The loss was devastating, and it added to the emotional and financial challenges she was already facing. Yet, the unwavering support of her teachers at Dignity, she found the strength to persevere.

Lian Nu and her father sharing a tender moment from her childhood.

She expressed, "We also receive financial aid and scholarships from school to continue my studies."

This assistance proved pivotal in enabling her to persevere and pursue her educational journey despite the obstacles she faced.

With the help of her teachers, Lian Nu also secured an opportunity to work full-time at sew X dignity, a transformational enterprise operated by Dignity, where she used her sewing skills to create products and earn an income. This helped her not only with her school fees but also provided her with valuable work experience and financial independence.

Lian Nu and the team at sew X dignity, working together to pack orders efficiently.

Lian Nu's story is a testament to her resilience and the unwavering support of Dignity's teachers and generous contributions of donors. This sollective efforts empowered her to overcome obstacles and continue ther education.

Lian Nu's story is a living testament to the impact of Dignity's programs. Her resilience, perseverance, and determination to overcome challenges and succeed serve as an inspiration to all. We applaud her for her accomplishments and are grateful to have been part of her journey.
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About Dignity for Children 

Dignity for Children provides quality education and vocational training to underprivileged children, transforming their lives and giving them a better future. 

We are committed to helping more students like Lian Nu graduate and succeed. You can support a child's education and holistic care through our Empower-A-Child programme. Together, we can empower children to reach their full potential!

About Dignity

Our work began in 1998 in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur with only 20 students then. Dignity is now a learning centre with more than 2,300 children ranging from 2-19 years old.
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