Empowering Children with Skate Camp in Partnership with Vans and JR Skates
30 June 2023

Wow! Where do we begin? We just held our 4th exhilirating Skate Camp in partnership with Vans and JR Skates on 14 to 16 July, 2023. It was pure excitement from start to finish as 48 Dignity college students came together for 3 days 2 nights unforgettable experiences, including learning skateboarding tricks, composing music to channel their emotions, and unleashing their creativity through wood workshops!

For those who don't know, skate park is located at Dignity Farm Academy at Bentong, just an hour away from Kuala Lumpur.

How It All Began

The idea of creating a skatepark in harmony with nature was born in collaboration with VANS, aimed at connecting people with their inner selves, nature, and each other. The ultimate goal was to introduce children and youths to the vibrant culture of skateboarding.

In 2021, VANS brought this vision to life by constructing the very first granite skatepark amidst the jungle. Since then, we have organized four unforgettable Skate Camps, exposing students not only to skateboarding culture but also welcoming skaters from all over Malaysia and even beyond, including renowned skater Koya Miyasaka.

First granite skatepark among the forest in Malaysia.

Decks and Ducks Skate Camp

Once considered a subversive and dangerous sport, skateboarding has transformed into a platform of positivity and inclusivity, especially among youths.

Many of our students have been robbed of their childhood, families, homes and dreams after being forced to flee from their country due to misuse of power in their countries.

The Skate Camp offers them a space of acceptance and inclusion, regardless of their backgrounds or past experiences. It creates cherished memories that they might have missed out on during their childhood. One student, upon reflecting on the camp, said, "This is one of the best memories I have in my whole life."

Coach Joseph from JR Skates teaching a student how to carve.

Students cheering and encouraging each other during their skate competition

A student jumping from one skateboard to another

Beyond just teaching skateboarding skills, the camp brings together skateboarders from all over Malaysia and Singapore to nurture kindness, resilience, and confidence among our youths. It's not just about individual accomplishments; the camp fosters unity and support. When one student took a fall, the others rallied around, lifting each other up and encouraging another try.

"Empowerment is not just about lifting the next generation; it's about equipping them with the tools to lift themselves and others." - Barack Obama

By the end of the camp, the participants not only developed a newfound love for skateboarding, music, and art but also formed strong bonds with each other.

Creative Workshops

Our camp has also had engaging workshops conducted by local artists. Dianne and Black, known kucingmiso and fritilldea, guided students to create a vibrant farm inspired mural for the skate park.

A vibrant mural, painted by students. Inspired by farm animals and nature in harmonious coexistence. 

Student painting a butterfly after sketching it. +

During the 2nd Skate Camp, Kide Kide and Aida led a mask-making workshop featuring endangered species. In the latest camp, the students had the opportunity to express their emotions through music, working with the famous rockstar singer, Myo!

These art and music workshops serve as powerful outlets for our students to express their emotions and create beautiful melodies or items.

Students proudly wear masks they made from recycled cardboard.

Rockstar singer, Myo, conducting a songwriting class and encouraging students to express their emotions.

Campfire Performance Night

Campfire night is undeniably the one of most anticipated part of the camp!Students all dressed up in their beautiful traditional outfits, some proudly wearing hand-me-down dresses from their parents. 

It's a night full with performances - singing, dancing, and cheering for one another. It's a night that knows no boundaries, where friendships transcend borders and cultures come together in harmony.

Students confidently performing a song that they have been rehearsing for weeks.

A campfire is only complete with s'mores!

We welcome you to our 3D2N Skate Camp at Dignity Farm Academy at Bentong. Whether you're a complete beginner who has never stepped foot on a skateboard or a seasoned skater, our camp is over to all skill levels. You will be able to tap into your inner creativity, connect with nature and build meaningful connection with others.

Email: farm@dignityforchildren.org for more information. 
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About Dignity

Our work began in 1998 in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur with only 20 students then. Dignity is now a learning centre with more than 2,300 children ranging from 2-19 years old.
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