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May 8, 2019
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wellness X dignity

Without external intervention, vulnerable children will remain in the grips of poverty and live on the fringe of society requiring social welfare support and care.

wellness X dignity’s intervention and work will transform the individual and ultimately lead to the transformation of the community and a better, healthier society at large.

Currently, Dignity provides basic Mental Health Care (psychological assessment, counselling, play therapy) for over 1,000 children, some children have gone through traumatic experiences, unfavorable health conditions and living in poor family environments



John* went through an upsetting event which led to a “downward spiral” of events that led to depression. He started to feel that everyone was against him and that made him feel worse and triggered depression. Our teacher realized this and referred him to our psychologist for counseling and therapy.

Watch his story (a true story) and see the role of intervention and how clinical depression can be treated. John is now moving on to a brighter journey and is now able to interact with his family and friends again.



wellness X dignity would need funding to help us provide the best care for 1,760 students. 

We look forward to having our children receive intervention at an early stage to assist and overcome emotional, social problems and learning difficulties. In line with this, the parents and teachers will be educated on mental health aspects so that they can identify and provide support at an early age.



MYR 10,000.00 / MYR 100,000.00


Support our work: www.dignityforchildren.org/donate 

*Note: Kindly remark as ‘wellness’ when making the donation, Tax exemption receipt provided



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