Urban Youth Education Village

An invitation to participate in a social enterprise that will benefit the community.

Invest for a meaningful effort that will bring a great impact.

As of June 2019, Dignity for Children Foundation operates five transformational enterprises: eat X dignity, cut X dignity and sew X dignity, art X dignity, wellness X dignity.

What are transformational enterprises? They are local businesses where real-life training takes place for youth so that they develop life skills, employability skills and character. Consider these enterprises as shop-schools, living classrooms that draw inspiration from the time-honored tradition of apprenticeships in a modern world.

These enterprises are part of Dignity’s Urban Youth Education Village model that brings together the best of academic learning and hands-on, real-world experiences for a vibrant education that meets the needs of each youth while serving the neighboring community. It seeks to truly dismantle the walls between traditional classrooms and the real world, creating a youth-friendly space with multiple outlets for different and meaningful expressions of creativity and learning in an urban community – including photo studios, print shops, eateries, craft workshops and more than you, and perhaps we can imagine. In an increasingly fast-paced, technology-driven and individualist society, we recognize that the need to foster community relationships and a sense of social responsibility and citizenship is vital to building youths of the future.

At the Youth Education Village, teenagers have the choice and opportunity to engage in various types of skills training programs over 6-month periods. These include hairdressing, graphic design, coding, sewing, urban gardening, early childhood education and woodworking – and more to come in the future. Students explore and learn alongside experienced individuals or industry professionals and, in the enterprises, are able to learn about what it takes to run a business well.

Training at the enterprises run in tandem with interactive, multidisciplinary academic classes where youth drive their own learning, facilitated by a team of passionate educators. Undergirding all academic and practical learning is the training of the heart, the development of character and the formation of solid work ethics and moral values.

When they graduate from secondary school, they would have received an academic qualification and an array of soft and hard skills under their belt. Not only are they prepared to take on college or secure jobs, but they are also well equipped to journey on to adulthood, with all its challenges, responsibilities and adventures.

The Youth Education Village model restores both joy and relevance back to learning: enabling
 the underprivileged to be employable and confident to face the world.


Join us in investing in this social enterprise to impact the community and future generations of youth.

1. Rent has increased very much since the founding of Dignity. Every year, we have to raise more funds to cover rental fees. In addition to that, the turn-over rate of the property is very high, causing us to spend a lot of time in sourcing for new properties to rent and additional expenses for renovation and moving.

2. The price of the lots in Sentul Boulevard has increased steadily as the area develop economically. This puts pressure on us as together with the rent increase, our dream of owning the property becomes more difficult.

*property data from iProp

Possible scenarios:

  1. Purchase the property for our social enterprise project to ensure our long-term viability and stability.
  2. Purchase the property and rent them to us at a nominal/token rate. Such investors can still benefit from their investments as the value of the properties increase.
  3. Provide Dignity with a loan to purchase the property at minimal or zero interest rate. Such investment can still be profitable if there is an agreement that when the property is sold, the sale price will be shared proportionally according to the loan provided.
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