July 9, 2019

Suan’s story

"I wish that I won't have to stop school to go to work next year, and that my brother can go to school too."
June 21, 2019

In celebrating 20 years, Dignity for Children Foundation launches lifelong learning campaign

To celebrate its 20th anniversary and belief in promoting lifelong learning, the foundation has launched a new community-based campaign called “Education for All: Sentul leads the Way”, which aims to improve the lives of underprivileged children and adults, through education.
May 8, 2019

wellness X dignity

The early development of cognitive skills, emotional well-being, social competence and sound and mental health are critical foundations to children’s overall health and well-being. We aim to provide our students with the platform to gain a better and quality Psychological Assessment, Counselling, Psychotherapy and Play therapy. Support our work to heal more children.
May 8, 2019

Dignity’s Sampul Duit Raya

sew X dignity's Sampul Duit Raya is ready for pre-order. Be a part of 'breaking the cycle of poverty' by ensuring these children and refugee women's employability or continuing education so they can uplift themselves and their families.