Food and essential items distributed to
  • 84.6% are students; 8.7% are B40 staff; 6.6% are community members/ public appeals
  • Distribution pack includes: rice, oil, flour, canned food, noodles, eggs, milk, potatoes, garlic, onion, and other needed items depending on each families

Amount spent to date:
RM 313,631.98
In-kind donations received (valued estimation):
RM  210,729.81
  • How does Dignity choose the recipients?
    Our teachers are in touch with our students to gather information on which family need help and we register them in our list. Our Welfare team also included the needy families that Dignity supports with groceries on a monthly basis. We have also included families which are especially vulnerable – those with elderly head of families, single parents, people with disabilities, etc. For public appeals, our welfare team will call and access the needs and support those within the Klang Valley area otherwise we will refer them to other NGOs/ external parties.
  • How do you make sure that you are not spreading the virus while doing the distribution?
    We practise non-contact hand-over of the items and only a handful of staff are involved for this distribution to remain social distancing and safety. The items are packed and put out for the families to collect over a staggered time frame. We also use Grab delivery for those that are unable to come over to the centre to collect.
  • What are in your packs?
    They consist of mostly staples like, rice, flour, oil, potatoes, milk, chocolate drink, 2-3 canned food, noodles, vitamin C, etc. The composition is based on our past experience – when we distributed food to families in need during year-end and Raya. As mentioned before, we also listen to their needs and adjust as we go along. We also include hygiene and sanitary products, stationery items for those that requests for it.
  • How do you source the food and other items?
    We buy the from our usual suppliers whom we have patronized for our previous distributions. We have also purchased from MyDin and got them to deliver directly to us. Other than that, in-kind donations by companies and individuals are delivered directly to our centre in Sentul.
  • What are your future plans?
    For the families that we are targeting, the difficulties they face will not end with the lifting of the MCO. This week, more families will be running out of the necessities. When the MCO is lifted, it may not be as easy to find jobs because of the economic impact. As long as we have the donations and resources, we hope to be able to help them on the journey of recovery.

    We have budgeted RM200 for each family we help. Our greatest challenge now is funding because not just us or the families we hope to help are impacted but the entire nation is as well. Everyone is feeling uncertain and, admittedly, under such circumstances, raising funds and asking for donations is a great challenge. But we will persevere as I know that there are still extraordinary people out there who will lend a hand.

    For our students, our vision is to break the cycle of poverty through education. Once the situation changes and school can restart, we will be working to help the students remain in school, probably more will be needing financial help to stay in school. We do hope that there will be those who will stay on this journey with us to ensure the children have the education to change their own lives and their families. 
The support continues:
  1. We will continue the outreach to more students and families requesting aid
  2. There will be an increase of repeated requests (an increase of 4th/ 5th round of appeals)
  3. Other immediate needs will be given attention to, especially education aspect. Items such as diapers, milk powder, sanitary pads, stationery items, data reload, SIM cards, etc.
  4. Continued support to our B40 staff and community families (those not eligible for the Prihatin care)
  5. Food packs to include more nutritious items such as fruits and vegetables
How you can help:
Bank Name : Public Bank Berhad
Account Name : Dignity for Children Foundation
Account No. : 3-9804775-36
Remarks: covid19

For in-kind contributions, kindly contact: dignity@dignityforchildren.org / 017 3787579

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