February 4, 2020

Founders of Dignity for Children Foundation honored with the United Nations Award 2019

Founders of Dignity for Children Foundation were honoured with the United Nations Award 2019 in October under the leaving no one behind category.
September 5, 2019

Moulding Lives with Dignity – Launch of bake X dignity

A Transformational Enterprise operated by Dignity, students at bake X dignity produce baked goods that will be sold through Dignity’s other social enterprises initially and eventually to external vendors.  Funds generated will be ploughed back to Dignity to fund education of more children, thereby increasing sustainability of the organisation.
August 20, 2019

Bringing Positive Change to Sentul

THE first-ever Sentul Festival 2019 is an initiative that highlights the power of education in changing the lives of the urban poor and the marginalised. It is initiated by the Dignity for Children Foundation of Sentul along with Paramount Corporation Bhd, and comes under the Education for All campaign.
August 5, 2019

Thank You, Petrina.

为了家计,雅妮20岁出头就离开印尼万隆(Bandung)的老家到马来西亚当家庭女佣。中介把她派往急需帮手的家庭,以临时或兼职女佣的形式协助解决燃眉之急,因此她来马没多久就服务过近30个家庭。她和现任雇主——儿童尊严基金会(Dignity for Children Foundation)共同创办人首席执行员徐香妃(Petrina)的缘分也是因为“紧急状况”而开始的。 她称徐香妃Kakak Pet,“那时候Kakak Pet刚生产,需要很快请到工人,中介把我送过来时,她刚好在弹钢琴,我不知道那是什么曲子,但听了觉得心里很平静。”今年43岁的雅妮忆述:“通常去到一个新的家庭,我都会先询问要如何称呼女主人,是Ma'am还是Madam,但她让我叫她Kakak(姐姐),还带我到厨房,跟我说美禄、饼干的位置,并让我坐在椅子上。”雅妮笑言,其他雇主只允许她坐在地板上。