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August 20, 2019
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Moulding Lives with Dignity – Launch of bake X dignity

Imagine a school that combines academic learning with technical skills. Skills delivered through practical hands-on sessions, making education more holistic and relevant, not to mention increasing students’ employability.

bake X dignity operated by Dignity for Children Foundation (Dignity), a Malaysian non-governmental organisation, is doing just that.

A Transformational Enterprise operated by Dignity, students at bake X dignity produce baked goods that will be sold through Dignity’s other social enterprises initially and eventually to external vendors.  Funds generated will be ploughed back to Dignity to fund education of more children, thereby increasing sustainability of the organisation.

Malaysian conglomerate, PPB Group Berhad (PPB) and its subsidiary, FFM Berhad (FFM) are jointly supporting the new social enterprise by setting up the baking studio and outfitting it with commercial baking equipment, as well as holding initial training for the young apprentices.

bake X dignity was officially launched today at Sentul Boulevard.  Present were co-founder of Dignity for Children Foundation Reverend Elisha Satvinder, PPB’s Head of Corporate Affairs & Group Chief Sustainability Officer Koh Mei Lee, and FFM’s Group Chief Risk Officer Alyssa Yip.

Speaking at the launch, Satvinder said, “Baking, in many ways, resembles life’s journey. The whole learning process of mixing, baking, testing and getting burnt is empowering.  It teaches the students the importance of creativity, failure and triumph.  At the same time, it equips them with a life skill to earn a living and live a dignified life.”

PPB’s Head of Corporate Affairs & Group Chief Sustainability Officer, Koh Mei Lee, said, “bake X dignity provides an avenue for the marginalised and urban poor with a means for personal transformation and community building. We are very pleased to be a part of this worthwhile project with Dignity where we invest in the lives of youth and give back to the community in a meaningful way. This is very much in line with the youth education and development program under our Group’s community investment strategy”.

“We believe in the saying ‘Give a man a fish and he eats for a day; teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime’. We hope that our support of Dignity for Children Foundation and bake X dignity will help cultivate the children’s culinary interest and not only help them to discover their potential beyond the academics but provide them with skills which will last them a lifetime” added FFM’s Group Chief Risk Officer, Alyssa Yip.

bake X dignity encapsulates Dignity’s long-term education approach of having students learn by engaging their senses. At the bakery, they learn the science and magic of baking theories and hands-on baking ranging from cookies and cakes to muffins, pies and tarts before venturing into breads including sourdough.

In addition to bake X dignity, Dignity also runs a hair salon called cut X dignity; eat X dignity, a café where students learn about hospitality; a sewing and design outfit known as sew X dignity; an art space called art X dignity; and an urban garden grow X dignity.

PPB Group Berhad is a diversified conglomerate which engages in grains and agribusiness, consumer products, film exhibition & distribution, environmental engineering and utilities and property. Its subsidiary, FFM Berhad, is the largest flour miller and a major player and leader in the feed milling industry in Malaysia.  For more information on PPB and FFM, please visit their respective website at and



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