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May 8, 2019
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July 9, 2019
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In celebrating 20 years, Dignity for Children Foundation launches lifelong learning campaign

Education, it has been said, is key to progress in a person’s life.

Some, however, cannot afford it.

Dignity for Children Foundation is constantly working towards providing the underprivileged communities of Sentul, Kuala Lumpur, with the opportunity to learn skills.

They have currently educated over 1,700 students at their hairstyling, F&B management, sewing, produce harvesting and art establishments.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary and belief in promoting lifelong learning, the foundation has launched a new community-based campaign called “Education for All: Sentul leads the Way”, which aims to improve the lives of underprivileged children and adults, through education.

The campaign has received the support of Malaysia’s youngest Member of Parliament, Batu MP P. Prabakaran, who said that education was a “fundamental right for all”.

“What we need in a growing nation like ours is education,” said Prabakaran at the Dignity for Children Foundation’s learning centre in Sentul.

“Good education is the core to growth, and we must provide it not only to the ones that have it, but also to the marginalised and underprivileged.”

He added that the Batu constituency was one of the poorest in the district, and Sentul was at the centre of it all.

To break the cycle of poverty, the campaign, sponsored by Paramount Corporation Berhad, will have over 40 different educational workshops over four days at the “Sentul Festival” on August 10 and 11, as well as on August 17 and 18, where there will also be a community bazaar.

The workshops are for adults and children seeking to learn new skills and become better versions of themselves by continuously learning new things.

This includes learning how to network, growing an edible garden and self-defence – not just academic skills, but also skills that can be used in everyday life.

The foundation also encourages corporations to take part in the campaign by sharing their skills and expertise, so that there will be a diverse selection of workshops to choose from.

Dignity for Children Foundation’s board of trustees’ chairman, James Ling Wan Chye said it had the space and facilities for people who needed and wanted to share their skills.

“We want to facilitate the growth of the community through education and learning life skills that both the young and old can use,” said Ling.

Apart from the campaign, the foundation will be launching another initiative called, “Dignity Schoolbag”, aimed at helping underprivileged children get the opportunity for proper education.

The initiative seeks to raise RM500,000 to provide scholarships for the children to continue learning at their respective schooling programmes.

P. Prabakaran said that he was especially happy to be working with Dignity for Children Foundation because they were situated in the centre of his constituency.

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