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Are you looking for the opportunity:

  • to empower lives;
  • to reimagine education - a school for all, a space for creativity;
  • to be part of a solution to create education equality in Malaysia;
  • to bring hope and impact to the community through your day-to-day work;
  • to grow through wide professional development, collaboration, networking and partnerships; and
  • to experience a life-changing journey,

If you are, we welcome you to join our community of diverse and passionate young adults who believe in making a difference in our society!

We offer competitive benefits (Medical, Education support, Dental) and an environment that is truly welcoming and opportunities for you to grow, learn and contribute.

Contact hr@dignityforchildren.org / 03-4044 1397

Youth Leader

Key Responsibilities:

  • Plan and organize character building-focused camps & workshops that instill discipline and strong character in youths
  • Plan and run academic lessons for subjects such as - English, Mathematics, Global Perspectives, and Entrepreneurship
  • Conduct lessons with socio-emotional learning components that empower youths to apply SEL in daily life
  • Follow up on students' welfare and disciplinary issues through conducting one-to-one meetings and home visits
  • Evaluate youths' academic and soft skills development through termly assessments
  • Carry out and complete administrative responsibilities including welfare and wellness applications
  • Build and maintain relationship with youths' parents to form a partnership in supporting youths' holistic development


  • Bachelor’s Degree required (Education field preferred but not mandatory)
  • Teaching certifications and experience in teaching or leadership preferred but not necessary
  • Ability to take self-initiative to prepare lessons and be creative in getting students to engage in lessons
  • Team player, working with a group of diverse team members and have cultural sensitivity to the student population

Job type: Full-time

Toddler Stimulation Program Teacher
Key Responsibilities:

  • Plan, prepare and deliver basic lessons to all the students in the class effectively, such as numbers and letter recognition.
  • Develop curriculum and materials to meet the organization’s learning objectives.
  • Monitor, evaluate, record and report on the academic progress, health, development and behaviour of one’s students.
  • Manage and take care of students during their meal, physical activities, shower and rest time.
  • Perform relevant administrative tasks and update all necessary records accurately, such as attendance, accidents, incidents, and other noteworthy events in accordance with relevant policies.
  • Actively participate in activities/programmes of the school, including extracurricular activities, school meetings and training workshops. (i.e field trips, sporting events, parent-teacher meetings, and teacher training workshops)


  • Diploma in Early Childhood Education.
  • At least 1 year of working experience in the early childhood education field.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and Bahasa Malaysia. (Mandarin is a plus point)
  • Passionate in working with early years children.
  • Highly motivated, energetic, and patient.
  • Ability to work with children, individually and with a team.
  • Ability to multitask and have good time management skills

Job type: Full-time

Primary Teacher
Key Responsibilities:

  • Prepare and deliver lessons to a range of classes of different ages and abilities in a child-friendly method
  • Mark students' work and give feedback on students' progress and development
  • Maintain up-to-date content knowledge (Cambridge syllabus)
  • Adaptability to learn and use various range of learning resources and materials to guide children's learning
  • Manage students' behavior and apply appropriate and effective positive behavior management strategies
  • Participate actively in school activities and programmes
  • Engage with students' parents and community for better school-home partnership


  • Possess at least 1 year teaching experience
  • Enjoy working with children and passionate about education
  • Energetic and willing to explore new ways of teaching students
  • Must be able to speak and write fluently in English and Bahasa Malaysia (fluency in additional language (s) is a plus)
  • Able to travel for school camps and extended field trips

Job type: Full-time

Secondary Teacher
Key Responsibilities:

  • Be a mentor to youth and participate as a positive role model to build and nurture character in underprivileged youth
  • Deliver content according to the IGCSE academic rigor and requirement
  • Manage students' behavior and apply appropriate and effective behavior measures
  • Prepare and deliver interactive lessons (including online)
  • Mark students' work and provide feedback for students in both academic and character development
  • Participate actively in school activities and programme which includes Dignity's events


  • Possess at least1 Year of working experience in Education or related field
  • Must have a Bachelor Degree/ Post Graduate Diploma/ Professional Degree in Education;
  • Well-versed with the IGCSE Computer Science/ICT, Business Studies/ Accounting syllabus
  • Passion to work with youth
  • Highly driven and motivated
  • Must be able to speak and write fluently in English and Bahasa Malaysia (fluency in additional language (s) is a plus)
  • Able to travel for school camps and extended field trips

Job type: Full-time

Art Teacher
Key Responsibilities:

  • Plan, prepare lesson plans from Preschool, Primary to Secondary level.
  • Conduct art lessons and workshops for assigned students.
  • Demonstrate, assist and develop students to use different art techniques, such as drawing, coloring, and painting skills.
  • Provide instruction and assistance in the use of pencils, pens, charcoal, brushes, watercolours, acrylic colours, oil colours and other art materials.
  • Maintain and manage the art inventory, as well as sourcing for art supplies when required.
  • Plan, coordinate and prepare art displays and exhibitions for the school and community.
  • Create, assign and grade art projects, as well as conduct art exams.


  • Bachelor's degree in fine arts with teaching qualification, or equivalent.
  • At least 1 year of experience as an art teacher.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and Bahasa Malaysia.
  • Demonstrated excellent skills in a variety of art techniques.
  • Strong public speaking, oral presentation and interpersonal skills.
  • Highly motivated, energetic, detail-oriented.
  • Ability to work with children, individually and with a team.
  • Ability to multitask and have good time management skills

Job type: Full-time

Art X dignity Intern
Key Responsibilities:

  • Managing some communication with class teachers, management team or other co- worker
  • Develop or improve the existing curriculum
  • Maintain the studio neat and clean
  • Preparing teaching material for art lesson
  • Workshop, art classes, event setup and cleaning afterward
  • Laisse with supplier for art material quotation and purchase
  • Assist with any other work assigned


  • Passionate about creativity and teaching children
  • Love and able to work with large group of children
  • Able to communicate effectively with young children and teenagers 4-18 years
  • Cheerful, honest, positive personality
  • Basic software skill for Excel, Illustrator, PowerPoint, Photoshop

Job type: 

Education Intern
As an Education Intern or Practicum Student, you can expect to be tasked with hands on experiences and responsibilities in an online classroom setting. Be ready to learn and challenge yourself while you apply your skills from your university classroom.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Co-teach online classes as required*
  • Assist and participate in online classes preparation
  • Assist homeroom teachers in online classroom management
  • Administrative tasks including grading and marking of students' works
  • Attend weekly departmental meetings, as well as trainings and conferences as required

*Practicum Students or Interns are given the opportunities to co-teach classes as per university requirements


  • Minimum commitment of three (3) months or more
  • Currently pursuing a Degree or Diploma in Education
  • Good command in both written & spoken English with good presentation skills
  • Computer proficient namely Google Suite & Classrooms, Microsoft Office & Zoom
  • Proactive, organised, detail-oriented with strong verbal and interpersonal skills
  • Love children and has strong passion in coaching and developing children from diverse groups of background

Talent Operations Associate
Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop and preserve organizational related policies as per SOP.
  • Assist with the full spectrum of HR functions, from employee entry to exit
  • Assist with the Administration functions (i.e. asset, insurance, purchasing, license, building maintenance & cleanliness, and others)
  • Deal with grievances and implement disciplinary procedures, if necessary.
  • Work with the staff/teachers training team – including onboarding programs for new employees.
  • Coordinate internship, practicum and volunteers trainings.
  • Maintain & update the Human Resources Software (Payroll & Attendance)


  • BSc/MSc in Human Resources Management or relevant field.
  • Proficient in Written and Spoken English, BM and/or Mandarin would be an added advantage.
  • Good computer skills (MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Google Tools & payroll system)
  • Goal-oriented with the ability to make strong impact on people and motivate others to achieve their goals.

Job type: Full-time

Volunteer & Event Coordinator
Key Responsibilities:

  • Setting up of a volunteer database system and ensure its periodically up to date
  • Engage and recruit potential volunteers that may be of a good fit to assist in the organization’s initiatives and its programs
  • Communicate frequently with volunteers and ensure volunteers are satisfied by creating a healthy working environment – this includes tracking, evaluating and providing constructive feedback as needed of volunteers’ work and progress at the organization
  • Collaborate and liaise closely with senior management and various department leaders to identify departmental needs and assign volunteer tasks as needed to ensure programs are adequately supported
  • Liaise with external representatives and build network with potential volunteers, organizations and university partnerships
  • Provide support in the implementation and facilitation of events, workshops, programs and activities held by the organization
  • Planning, coordinating and organising of events for both internal and external purposes. Coordination will include acquiring the resources needed for the event, bringing in volunteer and external help when needed and preparing the space needed
  • When required, to organise tours for visitors to Dignity and to introduce the work being done


  • 1-2 years of experience in volunteering and in sourcing and recruiting would be an added advantage
  • Good knowledge in different recruiting methods
  • Some knowledge in Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing
  • Working knowledge of databases and MS Office (especially Excel)
  • Great interpersonal and communication skills

Job type: Full-time

sew X dignity Production Manager
Key Responsibilities:

  • Prototype samples and produce new products and gift sets based on brief by the company and highlighted festive season
  • Iterate and improve existing products based on feedback and salability
  • Coordinate printing of new fabrics and working with vendor to look at production consistency
  • Purchase materials (cloth, haberdashery, and packaging solutions) for products and gift sets and source where required
  • Oversee the tailoring team and ensuring their wellbeing
  • Process incoming orders and coordinate the work flow of both full time and part time tailors to facilitate smooth and effective production
  • Track projects and orders to ensure work is completed by the timeline set


  • A degree/diploma in fashion/design or a related field is preferred but not required.
  • Some experience in designing or making products in an informal or formal capacity. Photographs or portfolio is required to demonstrate this.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Can speak in English and Malay
  • Computer Competency including proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint

Job Type:
Full-time, Part-time

sew X dignity Admin & Finance Executive
Key Responsibilities:
  • Close monthly financial and performance reports
  • Manage petty cash and receipts
  • Issue quotes, delivery orders, invoice, receipts and collecting payment
  • Keep track of inventory based on minimum levels of products, and advising Production Manager when to stock up
  • Assist Production Manager as needed and taking on new administrative jobs as required

Job Type: Full-time, Part-time

Junior Finance Executive
Key Responsibilities:
  • Assist in monthly account closing, filling, financial reporting activities
  • Prepare bank reconciliation, petty cash and advance management
  • Responsible for a day-to-day management of our financial transactions and procedures
  • Ensure financial data is timely, accurate and complete
  • Entering data into the accounting system and extracting data
  • Perform daily accounting tasks with the Finance Operations team
  • Liaise with related departments to coordinate on accounting related matters
  • Attend training and staff meetings when scheduled 
  • Other ad-hoc assignments assigned by management.

  • Strong administrative skills
  • Able to communicate in Bahasa Malaysia and English
  • Able to work independently with minimum supervision
  • Able to go the extra mile, have a good attitude and is willing to learn

Job Type: Full-time

Clinical Psychologist
If you’re that unusual someone who listens deeply before you speak, sees what’s not spoken, knows you’re as fallible as the next person, and will put your heart into helping broken, confused and rejected humanity, apply to join the team.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Identify psychological, emotional or behavioral issues
  • Diagnose psychological, emotional or behavioral disorders
  • Develop and implement treatment plans and therapeutic processes for the student (client)
  • Help clients define goals and plan action to achieve personal, social, educational and vocational development and adjustment
  • Monitor client progress through regular meetings or sessions
  • Documents therapy sessions in accordance with policies and procedures regarding medical records; implements and adheres to policies which ensure patient confidentiality


  • Must have Masters degree in Counselling/Clinical Psychology or related field
  • At least 2 years work experience
  • Possesses relevant license
  • Enjoys working with children & youths ages 6-18 years
  • Able to work independently with minimal supervision
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills with ability to communicate comfortably with students, parents, staff and community members in a professional manner
  • Creative, resourceful, self motivated & results oriented
  • Good interviewing and psychological/developmental evaluation skills

Family Therapist
If you’re that unusual someone who listens deeply before you speak, sees what’s not spoken, knows you’re as fallible as the next person, and will put your heart into helping broken, confused and rejected humanity, apply to join the team.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Scheduling & providing individual and family therapy sessions to students of Dignity & their families.
  • Administrative tasks of sessions - intake forms, progress notes, etc.
  • Providing additional support (liaising with the Welfare Team, Teachers, etc.) in compliance to Dignity's SOP


  • Ability to observe how people interact within units
  • Ability to treat psychological disorders within a family context
  • Empathic skills in guiding clients through trauma and transitional crises such as death/leaving home country
  • Highlight problematic relational or behavioural patterns
  • Passionate in working with underprivileged students & their families
  • Work in an inter-disciplinary team that consist of Welfare personnel, Socioemtional team and the Lead
  • Strong accountability in case management and reporting processes
  • Posses a license in counselling/clinical psychology in Malaysia
  • At least 1-2 years of experience in similar field
  • Trained in Family Therapy

Job Type: Full-Time

Graphic Designer
Dignity is searching for a graphic designer to join our Creative team! Part time, freelance, volunteer positions available. You will be designing a wide variety of things across digital and offline media. To be successful in this position, you must be a self-starter, capable of delivering brilliant creative ideas and executing it through designs, and show amazing attention to detail.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Design web pages, brochures, posters, social media content, annual reports, advertisements, and other communication materials.
  • Completes projects by coordinating with internal and external parties: printer, education department, enterprise team, marketing, etc.
  • Ensure final graphics and layouts are visually appealing and on-brand


  • Bachelor’s degree in graphic design or related field
  • Experience as a graphic designer or in related field preferred, but fresh graduates are welcomed to apply too
  • Proficiency with required publishing tools, including Photoshop, InDesign Quark, and Illustrator
  • Proficient in English

Job Type: Part-time, Freelance, Volunteer

We welcome interns as well as short-term and long-term volunteers, either in the Education departments, Administrative departments or our Transformational Enterprises.

  • Minimum duration for individuals interested in volunteering is 1 full week.
  • Volunteer positions are available for individuals from overseas.

Volunteer teams from schools and companies require special coordination.
If you have any specific ideas or project collaborations, please get in touch with us via dignity@dignityforchildren.org.

 Please note your name and project proposal title in the email headline.
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