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    Born in the small town of Sitiawan, Rebecca spent all her schooling years in Terengganu, the east coast of Malaysia. She studied psychology in HELP and then in Oregon (Eugene), USA. When she came back to Malaysia, she pursued Masters in Counseling at her alma mater. She joined Dignity in 2012 and since then she has taught lower primary, upper primary and secondary students. She currently heads the Secondary Programme and enjoys working with youth and mentoring them. She also enjoys hiking, cooking and traveling in her spare time.
    "Shereen found her passion for education when she was working as an auditor in Ernst & Young. She was sent to the rural areas of Sabah for site visitations and first encountered underprivileged children there. She then joined Teach For Malaysia (TFM) and taught in a FELDA settlement in Pahang. Shereen has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education. She joined Dignity with the desire to serve the urban poor community and discover alternative ways to bring education to life. Shereen has been leading the Upper Primary programme since 2017."
    Maria Rem graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the University of the Assumption in the Philippines in 1988. She then worked as a staff nurse for 12 years. She has worked in different specialty units including the Psychiatric unit, General ICU, Hemodialysis Unit, Neuro ICU, Coronary ICU, and Pediatric ICU. In 2004, she joined Dignity as a toddler teacher while completing a Montessori Diploma in Infant and Toddlers. She is passionate about preparing the right learning environment for the toddlers. She also puts her nursing skills to full use by being Dignity’s nurse to 1000 children! She enjoys gardening and swimming during her free time.
    Natalie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Help University and has been working with children for 10 years now, mostly in private kindergartens. She was first drawn to Dignity’s mission whilst working first-hand with toddler students as a volunteer. She now serves as a lead teacher in Dignity’s Preschool Department. She is committed to the cause of delivering quality education that nurtures children to believe in themselves, and motivates and inspires them to acquire the knowledge and resources necessary to break the cycle of poverty.
    Jeremy was educated in a conventional education system. He taught in a primary school for 2 years before pursuing a Bachelor of Psychology from UNITAR. He joined Dignity in 2015 as lower secondary teacher and then moved on to be the lead teacher in the same department in 2016. He believes that the teenage years, particularly those in lower secondary, are critical years for character formation in adolescents. Jeremy’s key role is to ensure that each youth reaches their full learning potential and are ready for life.
    Priscilla spent her university days as a volunteer teacher to refugee children. She also interned in United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and coordinated partnerships with education-based NGOs. Priscilla joined Dignity in 2015 upon returning from a 3-months volunteering trip in Laos. Priscilla is a graduate in Marketing Communications and is currently pursuing her MBA. She is in the CEO’s team, building enterprises and managing students’ placements in internships and employment. Priscilla enjoys outdoor activities and loves travelling.
    "Rolitah is from Kudat, Sabah. She has a bachelor's degree in Education TESL and an International Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy (Early Childhood Course). She joined Dignity in 2011 because of its work with the underprivileged children. Raised in a poor family herself, Rolitah strongly believes in Dignity's vision and mission. Through quality education, the poor have a better chance of a brighter future. Rolitah started as a teacher in a primary class and since 2017, she has been leading the Middle Primary Programme."
    Melissa hails from Sipitang, Sabah. She graduated with a Bachelor in Medical Lab Science (Hons). She first joined a Korean mission organization as a translator, traveling to various places in Peninsular Malaysia and also Bali, Indonesia - serving the indigenous communities. With that exposure, she became passionate to bring education to underprivileged children, especially those who are unable to access it. She joined Dignity in 2018 and has been serving in the Lower Primary department since. During her free time, Melissa enjoys cooking and trying out new recipes!
    Hannah first discovered the disparity in education opportunities for different communities when she volunteered to teach English to children in rural villages in Sabah. As she returned to KL to complete her degree in International Relations, she became convinced that public policy could only effect so much change; the real work happens at ground level. Hannah joined Dignity with the firm belief that education is the only way to effect lasting change in ending social injustice against marginalised communities, and that no child should be denied their right to education. Hannah has been leading the Upper Primary programme since 2020.
  • Enterprise & Welfare
    Natalie grew up always knowing she wanted to be a teacher. An avid reader, she pursued her Degree in English literature and education at Victoria University of Wellington, NZ and came home upon graduation. She joined Dignity in 2014, as part of the Project and Education Innovation team in the CEO’s office. She anchors the Skills Training Education Programme and loves to teach. Her heart is to build a youth education model that brings joy back to learning.
    Rebecca graduated with a BSc Medical Science (Hons) from International Medical University, majoring in Recombinant DNA Technology. She anchors the medical due diligence for the medical aid program, child protection case management and community engagement programs for refugee and stateless families registered with the foundation. Prior experience include working with non profit organisation's involved in the human rights advocacy of women and children at risk in the B40 tier. Recent initiatives include pioneering community profiling of the 6 different refugee communities registered with us to customise aid to the various groups. Passionate about human rights, emotional and mental health, she has represented the foundation as a key note speaker at conferences, trainings and community workshops on these topics.
  • Marketing
    Tong Ngan is passionate about serving those who are “poor, weak and oppressed. He has been working to bring transformation to communities for the past 30 years. His work has brought him to various countries, teaching, encouraging community work and promoting advocacy for policy changes that affected the underprivileged and disadvantaged. He believes that the most impact is achieved when people are mobilized into movements to bring hope to communities, especially children. Dignity is a place where he can use his vast experience to bring hope and transformation.
    Peter earned his Bachelor Degree in IT from CSU Australia, and has been with Dignity since 2001. For more than a decade, Peter has been serving in multidisciplinary roles, including IT, Administration, Fundraising and Finance. Peter desires to build a better world, and believes that everyone can give, create and love. He likes cooking during weekends or night and loves trying out new things.
    Renee is a finance and marketing graduate from Monash University. She loves the great outdoors and is passionate about empowering the next generation. A firm believer that every child deserves the right and opportunity to receive care and education, including the stateless, migrants and refugee children.
    Benjamin studied Biology and Chemistry during his STPM years, and first came to Dignity as a teenager who studied in the Epoch Café which was a youth community drop-in centre. Struck by the mission of Dignity, he joined the Dignity team in 2010. Ben has brought a set of diverse talents to the crew, teaching children from Upper Primary all the way to Secondary students. He has taught English, Biology, Physics, Drama, Business Studies and even Urban Gardening! Today, Benjamin is a core part of the Creative Team under the CEO’s office, creating corporate videos and other graphics related wizardry for Dignity. He also currently teachers English and Business Studies in the Upper Secondary program. He is most passionate about creating things with his hands.
  • Finance & HR
    Christina Chung grew up in Sentul, where she encountered poverty directly at an early age. As a child, she attended Dignity’s tuition programme and in 2009, started working alongside Petrina to anchor various educational programmes and the teacher trainings. She is currently the head of primary education. Christina holds a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) from HELP University College and an International Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy (Early Childhood Course). Christina enjoys singing and loves mentoring youth and young children. She wants to see ALL children gain equal access to quality education and be given a fair chance to create a better future for themselves.
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Dignity for Children Foundation is a one-stop holistic, community learning centres for the underprivileged urban poor, addressing the needs of children from pre-school level to IGCSE ‘O’ level and vocational skills.

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