Our Strategy
Child Focused
The problem:
There are more than 70,000 children in Malaysia living in poor condition with no access to public schools

The youth employment rate in Malaysia is at 12.4%

A widening gap between the rich and poor
Child Focused Solution:
Dignity aims to break the cycle of poverty through the provision of quality education for children aged 2 – 18 years. Utilizing a combination of the renown Montessori philosophy and a uniquely Dignity learner-centred approach that includes soft skills and vocational skills education, we offer the best education for the underprivileged there is to be had.

We intentionally groom our children, both girls and boys, to be leaders of the future. With an approximately equal number of male to female learners, we promote gender equality and girl leadership.

In the long run, good education lead to good jobs and economic growth.




Education Guided
Malaysia features a very wide spectrum of schools, ranging from religious schools, vocational institutions, private learning centers, high-range international schools and the commonplace government schools.
However, it is challenging to find a space where education is truly well-rounded and engages different learners, where learning is meaningful and grounded in real-life experience … at an affordable price.

Dignity combines the holistic approach found in private schools, with the vocational experience of the trade schools, to provide a high-quality education that the poor and middle class can afford. We believe that good education should be accessible.
Transformation Driven
About Dignity Foundation
Dignity for Children Foundation is a one-stop holistic, community learning centres for the underprivileged urban poor, addressing the needs of children from pre-school level to IGCSE ‘O’ level and vocational skills.

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