Secondary Education

Secondary Education Overview:

Good habits formed in youth make all the difference.

– Aristotle.
At the Dignity Secondary program, we pursue meaningful learning and academic excellence. Building on a strong foundation from the Primary programs, students are prepared to sit for the O’level examinations (IGCSE) at Form 5 level.

The Secondary program also focuses on developing good social behavior, helping students to understand themselves and other people better. We seek to develop strong character, etiquette, communication and leadership skills to complement our academic rigor. This is done through a mixture of delivered class lessons, self-managed learning, community service and skills training. Values like hard work, honesty, curiosity and helping others, undergird the education process and forms the backbone of a life of continuous learning. Education is not for its own sake, but for the purpose of building ones self and also giving back to the community.

Other opportunities include the Volunteerism and Leadership Program, the annual Faisal Cup Tournament, learning partnerships with international schools, and dignity’s own Transformational Enterprises that serve as training platforms for youth.

  • Lower & Middle Secondary
  • Upper Secondary
  • College
  • Lower & Middle Secondary
    The children are the world: Stage 2

    As with the Primary programs, our teachers continue to take on a guiding and facilitating role rather than a lecturing one. They allow students to participate in various activities that display skills in critical and logical thinking, enable them to pursue an interest, hone their questioning and collaborative abilities as well as develop a strong self-motivation. Here, the students learn core subjects like English, Mathematics, Bahasa Kebangsaan, Science and Social Studies. Their timetable includes 3 hours per week of Self-Managed Learning (SML) for students to pursue areas of their own interest, ranging from art to astronomy, or to get more practice hours in for certain subjects.

    Every month, different inspirational speakers are invited to share their experiences with the Lower Secondary students. Past speakers included Yang Berhormat. Hannah Yeoh and Jasmine Begum, Director of Corporate External & Legal Affairs from Microsoft Malaysia.
    • Age: 13 – 15 years
    • Days: Monday to Friday
    • Full Day Session: 8.00am – 3.30pm

  • Upper Secondary
    The children take on the world

    Upper Secondary is the beginning of an exciting journey of learning, exploration and increasing self-improvement. Here the students are not confined to classrooms. In fact, we go the extra mile to place students in real-life experiences where learning is taken to a different level.

    At the Urban Youth Education Village, school, community and enterprises come together to create a unique teaching and learning space that requires the youth to engage their heads, hands and hearts.

    This is their last lap of childhood before stepping into adulthood. This is the stage where a new identity will emerge.
    • Age: 16 - 18 years
    • Days: Monday to Friday
    • Full Day Session: 8.00am – 3.30pm

    Education of the head
    Youth develop the logically ability to analyze, think objectively and deeply about the world around them.
    Education of the heart
    Youth at this age want to understand their place in a society and how they can contribute. Building on their strong sense of justice and fairness, they are drawn to causes greater than themselves.
    Education of the hand
    The work of a person’s hands expresses his/her intelligence. Development of intelligence is not in isolation to the development of hands. Innovation and creativity are all products of intelligence.
    • School of Sciences & Arts
    • School of Business
    • School of Sciences & Arts

      • 2-years course
      • Minimum 5 IGCSE O’level subjects
      • 1-day skills training p/week
      • Begins with a 1-month Travel and Learn Trip
      • A-levels – College/ Foundation – College/ Diploma – College/ Employment

    • School of Business
      • 2-years course
      • Minimum 3 IGCSE O’level subjects
      • 2-days skills training p/week
      • Participate in practical Enterprise Program
      • Foundation – College/ Diploma – College/ Employment
  • College
    About IGCSE

    The IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education), also known as the O’Levels program is an alternative qualification equivalent to the local SPM examinations and is internationally recognized.

    IGCSE is developed by University of Cambridge International Examinations Board and is currently offered in many private, international and independent schools and learning centers. Upon completion, students can enroll into an A-levels program or a diploma course at local Malaysian institutions.
    At Dignity, we offer:
    • English as first language
      English as second language
    • Additional Mathematics
    • Chemistry
    • Business
    • Mathematics
    • Physics
    • Biology
    • Accounts
    Based on their career choice and also university requirements, students are advised to take the necessary subjects accordingly.
About Dignity Foundation
Dignity for Children Foundation is a one-stop holistic, community learning centres for the underprivileged urban poor, addressing the needs of children from pre-school level to IGCSE ‘O’ level and vocational skills.

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