WHO is dignity?

Dignity for Children Foundation is a non-governmental organization that provides holistic care and education for urban poor children in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Dignity currently serves over 1,700 children and youth aged 1-18 years. Other than operating education programmes in Sentul Kuala Lumpur, Dignity also supports other community schools working with poor children in South East Asia through its community-school start up and teachers’ training programmes.

Dignity for Children Foundation is registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) and is a company limited by guarantee (CLBG) regulated under the Companies Act 2016.

The Foundation (Yayasan) is an organization that was established solely for charitable purposes without any underlying profit-making objective.

All monetary donations to Dignity are tax-deductible in accordance with the Income Tax Act 1967 subsection 44(6).

Our Vision

To nurture and empower underprivileged children to be world changers through transformative education.

Our Mission



To build generations of passionate, skilled and ambitious teams of educators and support staff.



To establish world-class community based education programmes and transformational training enterprises.



To inspire and rally the community
to create and experience the transformative journey.



To be a leading hub for transformational education, community work and research in the ASEAN region.

Our Core Values







Education Philosophy

      1. Child directed learning.
        We create an environment where children are respected and their participation is highly valued.
      1. Intrinsic Motivation.
        We value and do our best to cultivate intrinsic motivation. We do not practice the use of rewards and punishments as they can hinder the natural path of learning and the development of intrinsic motivation.
      1. Teachers as directors and supporters.
        Our teaching is directed at letting the children take a step forward to assume control over their own learning while the teacher takes a step back to let go of any form of control or dominance.
      1. A holistic learning environment.
        We create a holistic environment that awakens and develops the children’s intellectual faculties and deepens their overall sense of responsibility towards being good and responsible members of society.
    1. A community of learners.
      We believe that effective learning takes place in community and therefore we value cooperative learning over competitive learning.

History & Strategy