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Training Programmmes:


It does not matter how many pencils, papers, books, curriculum, facilities or technology you place in front of a child; learning, inspiration, and transformation is not possible without the commitment of a devoted and well trained teacher.

At Dignity, we believe that the role of a teacher is not to simply transfer knowledge, butto encourage, inspire, facilitate and guide children through the process of learning. That is the reason why we take the training of teachers seriously.

In order for teachers to be equipped, they need to be trained in more than just basic curriculum areas. Training in the art of pedagogy and life-skills, with special emphasis on the needs of children affected by poverty, is an essential core to the development of well-rounded, productive teachers.

This training takes an enormous amount of effort, time and commitment from both the trainers and the trainees. However, its importance can never be understated as, the effects of a teacher, whether good or bad, last a lifetime.




Teacher Training Programmes:


Dignity conducts teacher training for two groups:

Community Teachers: Community teachers are teachers and volunteers working with UNHCR partner schools, providing education programmes for refugee children, and/or Dignity partner schools, providing education programmes for the rural communities in Sabah and Sarawak.

Community Teacher Training covers three levels:

  1. Preschool level training: Focusing on Montessori pedagogy.
  2. Lower Primary level training: Focusing on English, Science and Mathematics in accordance with the Malaysian syllabus along with training in Montessori pedagogy and implementation.
  3. Upper Primary level training: Focusing on English, Science and Mathematics in accordance with the Malaysian syllabus.

Dignity for Children Foundation Teachers: In-house teacher training covers full Montessori syllabus from Preschool to Upper Primary.



Partner School Set-up:

Through partnerships with corporations/organizations and local communities, Dignity for Children Foundation aids the establishment of rural preschools through material procurement, teacher and staff training and on-site supervision.

To date, Dignity has been privileged to set-up 10 partner schools in Sabah and Sarawak.


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