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Education Programmes:


Dignity for Children Foundation operates 3 main education programmes:

1. Early Childhood Education Programme (ECEP)

2. Primary Education Programme (PEP)

3. Secondary Education Programme (SEP)


At Dignity, education is more than meeting intellectual needs. We know that the real power for change can only come from focusing on the whole child. Children enrolled in our programmes receive breakfast, lunch and snacks according to their session, participate in sports development, receive hygienic care, medical check ups, and even therapy sessions with trained professionals.  All Dignity Education Programmes are based on the national curriculum as prescribed by the MOE, but incorporate Montesorri principles and philosophies in execution. Children enjoy classes ranging from English, Math, Science and Bahasa Malaysia to Geography, Moral, Living Skills, History, Sport, Arts and more.


Early Childhood Education Programme:

The Early Childhood Education Programme, ECEP, focuses on giving children an early start to education. ECEP operates two separate programmes:

Toddler stimulation program for children aged 1 to 3 years. Children are exposed to a play environment equipped with manipulative toys and materials that encourage sensory exploration for developing gross and fine motor skills, independence and cognitive skills.

Montessori Preschool program for children aged 4 to 6 years. Here children are taught to read, write and develop arithmetic skills through the Montessori educational approach. Children use effective, proven workbooks developed in-house.



Primary Education Programme:

The Primary Education Programme, PEP, focuses on providing quality education as a continuous support to the on-going literacy and holistic developement in the fundamental year. PEP operates two separate programmes:

Lower Primary Programme for children aged 7-10. This programme focuses on developing literacy skills and covers the 4 main subjects prescribed by the MOE. The classrooms are equipped with a variety of materials, which enable children to build concrete concepts and work independently at their level. Our system has been adopted by 34 other learning centres.

Upper Primary Programme for children aged 10-15. The programme is focused on preparing the children to complete the Malaysian KBSR curriculum in the 4 academic subjects; English, Bahasa Malaysia, Math and Science. After 3 years in this programme, children sit for primary assessment examination in the 4 academic subjects.

Secondary Education Programme:

The Secondary Education Programme, SEP, focuses on providing on-going support in secondary education according to the Malaysian core academic subjects. SEP operates 3 separate programmes:

Lower Secondary Education Programme for youth aged 13-17. This programme covers the main subjects for Lower Secondary as prescribed by the MOE. Youth completing 3 years of study in this program sit for the lower secondary assessment in the 6 core-academic subjects; English, Bahasa Malaysia, Geography, History, Math and Science.

Upper Secondary Education Programme for youth aged 16-19. In this programme youth prepare to complete their secondary education as well as SPM (equivalent to O’level examination).

Student Leadership Programme. The aim of programme is to enable students to take an active role in the daily operations and development of the school. Through their participation in decision making, carrying out of daily tasks and mentorship, these students develop important leadership skills and strong character. Students in leadership also serve as effective role models for the other students in the centre.


The Harvest Cafe:

The Harvest Café has always been a great avenue for children to learn hospitality skills. But more than that, the Harvest Café is proving to be a great place of therapy, especially for youth struggling to connect academically.

Youth learn to cook, bake and serve, as well as develop organizational skills and a deep sense of pride and respect for their work areas.  An adult supervisor works with youth to address life skills as well as building self- esteem.

As an extension to helping the youth, the cafe provides hospitality to all our visitors.  Together with the youth, supervisors manage order of cookies, cheese cake, brownies, scones, samosas, pakora and more.


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