Our History:

The history of our work began in 1998.

Through the outreach of New Covenant Community Church, Rev. Elisha Satvinder and his wife Petrina, the founders, quickly discovered many underprivileged families in the Sentul area.

Concerned over the welfare of the poor in the area, the church began to reach out to the community through basic home improvement services, grocery distribution, arrangement of free medical check-ups, raising support for school supplies, job placements and counselling.

They quickly realized that with the limited resources and man-power at their disposal, this work, while helpful, would not have the lasting impact they so wanted to see.

Believing that quality education was the key to breaking the cycle of poverty, the efforts of the program began to consolidate and focus solely on education.

What began as simple tuition classes soon attracted a daily attendance of over 50 students. However, children who were already behind continued to struggle.

After some training, efforts where renewed with a focus on toddlers and preschool aged children.

The work officially came under the name of Harvest Centre in 2003 and the first Montessori Preschool for the underprivileged opened its doors to 30 students in January, 2004.

As the education programs began to grow, the primary and secondary education programs were added on.

In 2010, all Harvest Centre education projects came under the name of Dignity for Children Foundation.